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How to Care for Your Flat Screen TV

Gone are the days when everyone had bulky television units. Hardly anyone here in Perth, or the entire civilized world for that matter, still owns a bulky television unit. It’s mostly flat screen ones nowadays. Bulky ones are now usually housed in antique shops or museums. Their flat screen counterparts have dominated the markets here in Perth tv, and everywhere else, for many years now.
You probably have one too. A flat screen  Perth TV is definitely more stylish, a lot clearer, and although most of them are pretty large, saves a lot of space. A lot of them are also eco friendly. They can help you reduce your carbon footprints!
So how do you care for your flat screen? You’d want it in great condition for years to come, right? After all, you did pay a handsome fee for it. Well, read on for some care tips that you can easily follow on your own:

Cleaning Tips
Before anything else, please be reminded to unplug your television unit and give it ample time to cool down before you start cleaning it. Now, whether you own a plasma or an LCD screen, you would want to stay away from using water with a cloth to wipe it clean. Instead, use a linen cloth. It will help you remove dust from your screen, while protecting it from scratches. You may also use a cleaning solution along with your linen cloth. There are plenty of screen cleaning solutions to choose from, and practically all of them work the same way, so choose the one that best works with your budget. Once you’re ready to start cleaning with your linen cloth and cleaning solution, remember this: DO NOT spray the cleaning solution directly on your screen. Instead, spray some on to your linen cloth until it’s damp enough, then proceed to wipe down your screen. If you still find dust in small corners of your screen, a cotton swab can effectively easily pick it up. And finally, do not forget to use a dry linen cloth to wipe away any leftover moisture from your cleaning solution.


Plasma 101
Just like any other screen, be sure to regularly dust your plasma screens properly using the tips found in #1. Plasma screens are known for burn-ins and for producing a lot of heat. To lengthen the life of your plasma screen, be sure to put it in a well-ventilated area, and do not leave it static for too long. As simple as that.


LCD 101
LCD screens are a bit delicate compared to other kinds of television, so when you handle it during regular cleaning, please wear gloves especially if you’ve got long nails. This will help you avoid accidentally putting scratches on your screen. Also, avoid exposing your LCD screen to excess moisture or humidity, and do not use alcohol-based cleaners as these can cause discoloration.
So there you have it. Have fun with your flat screen TV!

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